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    2008-04-27 Carsten Dominik <dominik@science.uva.nl> · 20908596
    Carsten Dominik authored
    	* org/org.el (org-html-level-start): Always have id's in HTML
    	(org-export-as-html): Use `org-link-protocols' to
    	retrieve the export form of the link.
    	(org-add-link-type): Final parameter renamed from PUBLISH.  Better
    	documentation of how it is to be used.  Avoid double entries for
    	the same link type.
    	(org-add-link-props): New function.
    	(org-modules-loaded): New variable.
    	(org-load-modules-maybe, org-set-modules): New function.
    	(org-modules): New option.
    	(org-mode, org-cycle, orgstruct-mode, org-run-like-in-org-mode)
    	(orgtbl-mode, org-store-link, org-insert-link-global)
    	(org-open-at-point): Call `org-load-modules-maybe'.
    	(org-search-view): Add more text properties.
    	(org-agenda-schedule, org-agenda-deadline): Allow also in
    	search-type agendas.
    	(org-search-view): Order of arguments has been changed.
    	Interpret prefix-arg as TODO-ONLY.
    	(org-agenda, org-run-agenda-series, org-agenda-manipulate-query):
    	Take new argument order of `org-search-view' into account.
    	(org-todo-only): New variable.
    	(org-search-syntax-table): New variable and function.
    	(org-search-view): Do the search with the special syntax table.
    	(define-obsolete-function-alias): Make work with XEmacs.
    	(org-add-planning-info): Use old date as default when modifying an
    	existing deadline or scheduled item.
    	(org-agenda-compute-time-span): Make argument N optional.
    	(org-agenda-format-date-aligned): Require `cal-iso'.
    	(org-agenda-list): Include week into into agenda heading, don't
    	list it at each date (only on Mondays).
    	(org-read-date-analyze): Define local variable `iso-date'.
    	(org-agenda-format-date-aligned): Remove dependency on
    	(org-remember-apply-template, org-go-to-remember-target):
    	Interpret filenames relative to `org-directory'.
    	(org-complete): Silently fail when trying to complete
    	keywords that don't have a default value.
    	(org-get-current-options): Added a #+DATE: option.
    	(org-additional-option-like-keywords): Removed "DATE:" from the
    	list of additional keywords.
    	(org-export-as-html): Removed (current-time) as unnecessary second
    	argument of `format-time-string'.
    	(org-clock-find-position): Handle special case at end of
    	(org-agenda-day-view): New argument DAY-OF-YEAR, pass it on to
    	(org-agenda-week-view): New argument ISO-WEEK, pass it on to
    	(org-agenda-month-view): New argument MONTH, pass it on to
    	(org-agenda-year-view):  New argument YEAR, pass it on to
    	(org-agenda-change-time-span): New optional argument N, pass it on
    	to `org-agenda-compute-time-span'.
    	(org-agenda-compute-time-span): New argument N, interpret it by
    	changing the starting day.
    	(org-small-year-to-year): New function.
    	(org-scheduled-past-days): Respect
    	(org-auto-repeat-maybe): Make sure that repeating
    	dates are pushed into the future, and that the shift is at least
    	one interval, never 0.
    	(org-update-checkbox-count): Fix bug with checkbox
    	(org-add-note): New command.
    	(org-add-log-setup): Renamed from `org-add-log-maybe'.
    	(org-log-note-headings): New entry for plain notes (i.e. notes not
    	related to state changes or clocking).
    	(org-get-org-file): Check for availability of
    	(org-cached-entry-get): Allow a regexp value for
    	(org-use-property-inheritance): Allow regexp value.  Fix bug in
    	customization type.
    	(org-use-tag-inheritance): Allow a list and a regexp value for
    	this variable.
    	(org-scan-tags, org-get-tags-at): Implement selective tag
    	(org-entry-get): Respect value `selective' for the INHERIT
    	(org-tag-inherit-p, org-property-inherit-p): New functions.
    	(org-agenda-format-date-aligned): Allow 10 characters for
    	weekday, to acomodate German locale.
    	(org-add-archive-files): New function.
    	(org-agenda-files): New argument `ext', to
    	get archive files as well.
    	(org-tbl-menu): Protect the use of variables that
    	are only available when org-table.el gets loaded.
    	(org-read-agenda-file-list): Error if `org-agenda-files' is a
    	single directory.
    	(org-open-file): Allow a batch process to trigger
    	waiting after executing a system command.
    	(org-store-link): Link to headline when there is not
    	target and no region in an org-mode buffer when creating a link.
    	(org-link-types-re): New variable.
    	(org-make-link-regexps): Compute `org-link-types-re'.
    	(org-make-link-description-function): New option.
    	(org-agenda-date, org-agenda-date-weekend): New faces.
    	(org-archive-sibling-heading): New option.
    	(org-archive-to-archive-sibling): New function.
    	(org-iswitchb): New command.
    	(org-buffer-list): New function.
    	(org-agenda-columns): Also try the #+COLUMNS line in
    	the buffer associated with the entry at point (or with the first
    	entry in the agenda view).
    	(org-modules): Add entry for org-bibtex.el.
    	(org-completion-fallback-command): Moved into `org-completion'
    	(org-clock-heading-function): Moved to `org-progress' group.
    	(org-auto-repeat-maybe): Make sure that a note can
    	be enforces if `org-log-repeat' is `note'.
    	(org-modules): Allow additional symbols for external
    	(org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c): Allow for `org-clock-overlays' to be
    	(org-clock-goto): Hide drawers after showing an
    	entry with `org-clock-goto.'
    	(org-shiftup, org-shiftdown, org-shiftright, org-shiftleft): Try
    	also a clocktable block shift.
    	(org-clocktable-try-shift): New function.
    	(org-columns-hscoll-title): New function.
    	(org-columns-previous-hscroll): New variable.
    	(org-columns-full-header-line-format): New variable.
    	(org-columns-display-here-title, org-columns-remove-overlays):
    	Install `org-columns-hscoll-title' in post-command-hook.
    	* org/org.el: Split into many small files.
    	* org/org-agenda.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-archive.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-bbdb.el: New file.
    	* org/org-bibtex.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-clock.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-colview.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-compat.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-exp.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-faces.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-gnus.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-info.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-infojs.el: New file.
    	* org/org-irc.el: New file.
    	* org/org-macs.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-mew.el: New file.
    	* org/org-mhe.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-publish.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-remember.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-rmail.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-table.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-vm.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    	* org/org-wl.el: New file, split off from org.el.
    2008-04-27  Jason Riedy  <jason@acm.org>
    	* lisp/org-table.el (orgtbl-to-generic): Add a :remove-nil-lines
    	parameter that supresses lines that evaluate to NIL.
    	(orgtbl-get-fmt): New inline function for
    	picking apart formats that may be lists.
    	(orgtbl-apply-fmt): New inline function for applying formats that
    	may be functions.
    	(orgtbl-eval-str): New inline function for strings that may be
    	(orgtbl-format-line, orgtbl-to-generic): Use and document.
    	(orgtbl-to-latex, orgtbl-to-texinfo): Document.
    	(*orgtbl-llfmt*, *orgtbl-llstart*)
    	(*orgtbl-llend*): Dynamic variables for last-line formatting.
    	(orgtbl-format-section): Shift formatting to support detecting the
    	last line and formatting it specially.
    	(orgtbl-to-generic): Document :ll* formats.  Set to the non-ll
    	formats unless overridden.
    	(orgtbl-to-latex): Suggest using :llend to suppress the final \\.
    	(*orgtbl-table*, *orgtbl-rtn*): Dynamically
    	bound variables to hold the input collection of lines and output
    	formatted text.
    	(*orgtbl-hline*, *orgtbl-sep*, *orgtbl-fmt*, *orgtbl-efmt*,
    	(*orgtbl-lfmt*, *orgtbl-lstart*, *orgtbl-lend*): Dynamically bound
    	format parameters.
    	(orgtbl-format-line): New function encapsulating formatting for a
    	single line.
    	(orgtbl-format-section): Similar for each section.  Rebinding the
    	dynamic vars customizes the formatting for each section.
    	(orgtbl-to-generic): Use orgtbl-format-line and
    	(org-get-param): Now unused, so delete.
    	(orgtbl-gather-send-defs): New function to
    	gather all the SEND definitions before a table.
    	(orgtbl-send-replace-tbl): New function to find the RECEIVE
    	corresponding to the current name.
    	(orgtbl-send-table): Use the previous two functions and implement
    	multiple destinations for each table.
    	* doc/org.texi (A LaTeX example): Note that fmt may be a
    	one-argument function, and efmt may be a two-argument function.
    	(Radio tables): Document multiple destinations.
    2008-04-27  Carsten Dominik  <dominik@science.uva.nl>
    	* org/org-agenda.el (org-add-to-diary-list): New function.
    	(org-prefix-has-effort): New variable.
    	(org-sort-agenda-noeffort-is-high): New option.
    	(org-agenda-columns-compute-summary-properties): New options.
    	(org-format-agenda-item): Compute the duration of the item.
    	(org-agenda-weekend-days): New variable.
    	(org-agenda-list, org-timeline): Use the proper faces for dates in
    	the agenda and timeline buffers.
    	(org-agenda-archive-to-archive-sibling): New command.
    	(org-agenda-start-with-clockreport-mode): New option.
    	(org-agenda-clockreport-parameter-plist): New option.
    	(org-agenda-clocktable-mode): New variable.
    	(org-agenda-deadline-leaders): Allow a function value for the
    	deadline leader.
    	(org-agenda-get-deadlines): Deal with new function value.
    	* lisp/org-clock.el (org-clock): New customization group.
    	(org-clock-into-drawer, org-clock-out-when-done)
    	(org-clock-in-switch-to-state, org-clock-heading-function): Moved
    	into the new group.
    	(org-clock-out-remove-zero-time-clocks): New option.
    	(org-clock-out): Use `org-clock-out-remove-zero-time-clocks'.
    	(org-dblock-write:clocktable): Allow a Lisp form for the scope
    	(org-dblock-write:clocktable): Fixed bug with total time
    	(org-dblock-write:clocktable): Request the unrestricted list of
    	(org-get-clocktable): New function.
    	(org-dblock-write:clocktable): Make sure :tstart and :tend can not
    	only be strings but also integers (an absolute day number) and
    	lists (m d y).
    	* org/org-colview.el (org-columns-next-allowed-value)
    	(org-columns-edit-value): Limit the effort for updatig in the
    	agenda to recomputing a single file.
    	(org-columns-compute): Only write property value if it has
    	changed.  This avoids raising the buffer-change-flag
    	(org-agenda-colview-compute): New functions.
    	(org-agenda-columns): Call `org-agenda-colview-summarize'.
    	* org/org-exp.el (org-export-run-in-background): New option.
    	(org-export-icalendar): Allow a batch process to trigger waiting
    	after executing a system command.
    	(org-export-preprocess-string): Renamed-from
    	(org-export-html-style): Made target class look like normal text.
    	(org-export-as-html): Make use of the better proprocessing in
    	(org-cleaned-string-for-export): Better treatment of heuristic
    	targets, many more internal links will now work in HTML export.
    	(org-get-current-options): Incorporate LINK_UP, LINK_HOME, and
    	(org-export-inbuffer-options-extra): New variable.
    	(org-export-options-filters): New hook.
    	(org-infile-export-plist): Find also the settings keywords in
    	(org-infile-export-plist): Allow multiple #+OPTIONS lines and
    	multiple #+INFOJS_OPT lines.
    	(org-export-html-handle-js-options): New function.
    	(org-export-html-infojs-setup): New option.
    	(org-export-as-html): Call `org-export-html-handle-js-options'.
    	Add autoload to all entry points.
    	(org-skip-comments): Function removed.
    	* org/org-table.el (org-table-make-reference): Extra parenthesis
    	around single fields, to make sure that algebraic formulas get
    	correctly interpreted by calc.
    	(org-table-current-column): No longer interactive.
    	* org/org-export-latex.el (org-export-latex-preprocess): Renamed
    	from `org-export-latex-cleaned-string'.
    2008-04-27  Bastien Guerry  <bzg@altern.org>
    	* org/org-publish.el (org-publish-get-base-files-1): New function.
    	(org-publish-get-base-files): Use it.
    	(org-publish-temp-files): New variable.
    	Don't require 'dired-aux anymore.
    	(org-publish-initial-buffer): New variable.
    	(org-publish-org-to, org-publish): Use it.
    	(org-publish-get-base-files-1): Bug fix: get
    	the proper list of files when recursing thru a directory.
    	(org-publish-get-base-files): Use the :exclude property to skip
    	both files and directories.
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