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    Desktop: protect users against inadvertant upgrading of desktop file. · 20defc55
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    An upgraded (version 208) desktop file cannot be read in Emacs < 25.
    * etc/NEWS: Add an entry about upgrading a desktop file.
    * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-file-version): Amend doc string.
    (desktop-native-file-version, desktop-io-file-version): new variables.
    (desktop-clear): Set desktop-io-file-version to nil.
    (desktop-buffer-info): make the presence of the last item on the list
    conditional on (>= desktop-io-file-version 208).
    (desktop-save): Add extra parameter VERSION to take user's C-u or C-u C-u.
    Amend the doc string.  Add code to determine the output file version.
    (desktop-create-buffer): Set desktop-io-file-version to the input file's
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