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    Fix race conditions with signal handlers and errno. · 20ef56db
    Paul Eggert authored
    Be more systematic about preserving errno whenever a signal
    handler returns, even if it's not in the main thread.  Do this by
    renaming signal handlers to distinguish between signal delivery
    and signal handling.  All uses changed.
    * atimer.c (deliver_alarm_signal): Rename from alarm_signal_handler.
    * data.c (deliver_arith_signal): Rename from arith_error.
    * dispnew.c (deliver_window_change_signal): Rename from
    * emacs.c (deliver_error_signal): Rename from fatal_error_signal.
    (deliver_danger_signal) [SIGDANGER]: Rename from memory_warning_signal.
    * keyboard.c (deliver_input_available_signal): Rename from
    (deliver_user_signal): Rename from handle_user_signal.
    (deliver_interrupt_signal): Rename from interrupt_signal.
    * process.c (deliver_pipe_signal): Rename from send_process_trap.
    (deliver_child_signal): Rename from sigchld_handler.
    * atimer.c (handle_alarm_signal):
    * data.c (handle_arith_signal):
    * dispnew.c (handle_window_change_signal):
    * emacs.c (handle_fatal_signal, handle_danger_signal):
    * keyboard.c (handle_input_available_signal):
    * keyboard.c (handle_user_signal, handle_interrupt_signal):
    * process.c (handle_pipe_signal, handle_child_signal):
    New functions, with the actual signal-handling code taken from the
    original respective signal handlers, sans the sporadic attempts to
    preserve errno, since that's now done by handle_on_main_thread.
    * atimer.c (alarm_signal_handler): Remove unnecessary decl.
    * emacs.c, floatfns.c, lisp.h: Remove unused FLOAT_CATCH_SIGKILL cruft.
    * emacs.c (main_thread) [FORWARD_SIGNAL_TO_MAIN_THREAD]:
    Move to sysdep.c.
    Move initialization of main_thread to sysdep.c's init_signals.
    * process.c (waitpid) [!WNOHANG]: #define to wait; that's good enough for
    our usage, and simplifies the mainline code.
    (record_child_status_change): New static function, as a helper
    for handle_child_signal, and with most of the old child handler's
    (handle_child_signal): Use the above.
    * sysdep.c (main_thread) [FORWARD_SIGNAL_TO_MAIN_THREAD]:
    Moved here from emacs.c.
    (init_signals) [FORWARD_SIGNAL_TO_MAIN_THREAD]: Initialize it;
    code moved here from emacs.c's main function.
    * sysdep.c, syssignal.h (handle_on_main_thread): New function,
    replacing the old SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.  All uses changed.  This
    lets callers save and restore errno properly.
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