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    (cs_iso8859_1): Deleted. · 21988a08
    Kenichi Handa authored
    (ft_face_cache): New variable.
    (struct ftfont_info): New member fc_charset_idx;
    (ftfont_build_basic_charsets): Deleted.
    (fc_charset_table): New variable.
    (ftfont_pattern_entity): New arg fc_charset_idx.  Store (FILENAME
    . FC_CHARSET_IDX) as :font-entity property in the font entity.
    Callers changed.
    (ftfont_lookup_cache, ftfont_get_charset): New funcitons.
    (ftfont_spec_pattern): New argument fc_charset_idx.  Check
    registry more rigidly.  Callers changed.
    (ftfont_open, ftfont_close, ftfont_has_char): Adjustd for the
    change of :font-entity property of the font.
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