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    Refactoring: have CATCHER_ALL also catch signals. · 23a82cba
    Philipp Stephani authored
    In all cases where we use a CATCHER_ALL handler we also want to catch
    signals.  Therefore have 'signal' respect CATCHER_ALL.  Adapt internal
    interfaces so that handlers can distinguish among the two types of
    nonlocal exits in CATCHER_ALL handlers.
    * src/lisp.h (enum nonlocal_exit): New enum.
    (struct handler): Add member 'nonlocal_exit' to hold the type of
    nonlocal exit during stack unwinding.
    * src/eval.c (signal_or_quit): Also respect CATCHER_ALL handlers.
    (unwind_to_catch): Store nonlocal exit type in catch structure.
    (Fthrow, signal_or_quit): Adapt callers.
    (internal_catch_all): Install only one handler.  Give handler a
    nonlocal exit type argument.
    (internal_catch_all_1): Remove, no longer needed.
    * src/emacs-module.c (MODULE_SETJMP): Install only one handler.
    (module_handle_nonlocal_exit): New function to handle all nonlocal
    (MODULE_SETJMP_1): Pass nonlocal exit type to handler function.
    (module_handle_signal, module_handle_throw): Remove, no longer needed.
    * src/json.c (json_handle_nonlocal_exit): New helper function.
    (json_insert_callback): Adapt to change in 'internal_catch_all'.
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