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    * viper-ex.el: Patch by Samuel Padgett. Copyright papers received. · 241d963d
    Michael Kifer authored
    	(viper-ex-print-buf-name): New variable.
    	(viper-ex-print-buf): New variable.
    	(ex-token-alist): Invoke ex-print on ":print" Ex commands.
    	(ex-g-marks): New variable.
    	(ex-print): New function.
    	(ex-print-display-lines): New function.
    	* viper.el (viper-set-hooks): add window-setup-hook, which sets
    	the cursor color.
    	* ediff-util.el (ediff-cleanup-mess): delete ctl window on exit
    	when the window is not in its own frame.
    	(ediff-clone-buffer-for-region-comparison): more robust window
    	arrangement while prompting for regions to compare.
    	(ediff-make-cloned-buffer): use generate-new-buffer-name.
    	(ediff-inferior-compare-regions): deleted unused vars
    	ctl-buf and quit-now.
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