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    alloc.c: Import and export fewer symbols, and remove unused items. · 244ed907
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lisp.h (suppress_checking, die): Declare only if ENABLE_CHECKING
    is defined.
    (suppress_checking): Add EXTERNALLY_VISIBLE attribute, so that
    it's not optimized away by whole-program optimization.
    (message_enable_multibyte, free_misc): Remove.
    (catchlist, handlerlist, mark_backtrace):
    Declare only if BYTE_MARK_STACK.
    (mark_byte_stack): Likewise, fixing a ifdef-vs-if typo.
    * alloc.c (pure): Export only if VIRT_ADDR_VARIES is defined.
    (message_enable_multibyte): Remove decl.
    (free_misc, interval_free_list, float_block, float_block_index):
    (n_float_blocks, float_free_list, cons_block, cons_block_index):
    (cons_free_list, last_marked_index):
    Now static.
    (suppress_checking, die): Define only if ENABLE_CHECKING is defined.
    * eval.c (catchlist, handlerlist): Export only if BYTE_MARK_STACK.
    (mark_backtrace): Define only if BYTE_MARK_STACK.
    * xdisp.c (message_enable_multibyte): Now static.
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