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    Add an "mark upgradable packages" command to Package Menu mode. · 25322144
    Chong Yidong authored
    * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-alist): Fix risky-local-variable
    (package--add-to-archive-contents): If there is a duplicate entry
    with an older version, remove it.
    (package-menu-mark-delete, package-menu-mark-install)
    (package-menu-mark-unmark): Make unused args optional.
    (package-menu-mark-obsolete-for-deletion): Use
    package-menu-get-status instead of a regexp search.
    (package-menu-get-status): Use tabulated-list-entry.
    (package-menu-mark-upgrades): New command.
    (package-menu-mode-map): Bind it to U.
    (package-menu-execute): Do installation before deletion.
    (package-menu-refresh, package-menu-execute): Use derived-mode-p
    instead of checking major-mode.
    (package-menu--find-upgrades): New function.
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