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    (search_file_line): Fix skipping of whitespace. · 264f0aa7
    Jason Rumney authored
    (get_quoted_string): Fix limit on memchr search.
    (set_bdf_font_info): Use unsigned chars. Negate yoffset.
    (w32_init_bdf_font): Initialize codepoint and bitmap heaps.
    (w32_free_bdf_font): Free bitmaps and codepoints on heaps.
    (get_cached_font_char, cache_char_offset): Use macro
    (cache_char_offset): Use HeapAlloc to allocate codepoints on own heap.
    (clear_cached_bitmap_slots): New function.
    (GET_HEX_VALUE): G-Z, g-z are not hex.
    (w32_get_bdf_glyph): Convert to DIB format. Return bytes read.
    (get_bitmap_with_cache): Use new cache implementation.
    (create_offscreen_bitmap): New function.
    (w32_BDF_TextOut): Use it. Draw glyphs as DIBs.
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