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    Merge from origin/emacs-24 · 28e0d0c9
    Ted Zlatanov authored
    bd6c4418 * simple.el (password-word-equivalents): Add "passcode", used for numeric secrets like PINs or RSA tokens.
    16d4c1cd A better fix for bug#19346
    82ec808f * .gitignore: Add !lib/std*.in.h, so as to not ignore the .in.h files.
    3cf7629f Git ignore lib/std*.h
    301a4014 Always define `gnutls-available-p' even if GnuTLS is not available.
    d76b9b2a Don't break example string between 2 lines (bug#19257)
    75b4857e Port commit-msg to mawk
    9ac03320 Improve commit-msg messages and autosquash
    0c2f254b Support overflow-newline-into-fringe together with word-wrap (bug#19300)
    935ee05f * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-remote-path): Use a login shell in order to determine `tramp-own-remote-path'.
    c2db9393 python.el: Support interpreter paths with spaces
    d83f3299 ChangeLog fix
    0f9fbb92 Port commit-message checking to FreeBSD 9.
    3db1adac admin/MAINTAINERS: Update my interests and responsibilities.
    6382f241 * .gitignore: Ignore autosave files.
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