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    Include w32term.h and w32heap.h. · 29a2c30f
    Geoff Voelker authored
    (w32_key_to_modifier): Add externs.
    (w32_kbd_mods_to_emacs): Recognize Windows keys, Apps key, and
    Scroll Lock as potential modifiers; exclude numpad keys from
    effect by CapsLock; act on Vw32_enable_caps_lock; remove obsolete
    (is_dead_key): Copy from w32fns.c.
    (w32_kbd_patch_key): Comment attempt to improve handling of
    dead-keys, and system bug relating to same on Windows NT.  Work
    around the bug by calling ToUnicode and then converting to the
    correct codepage.
    (map_virt_key): Removed obsolete variable.
    (lispy_function_keys): Add extern.
    (key_event): Major rework of keyboard input handling: optionally
    recognize Windows keys and Apps key as modifiers; optionally treat
    NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock as function keys; let system
    translate keystrokes to characters to avoid system bugs relating
    to dead-key handling; preserve shift distinction for control
    characters.  Remove some obsolete code.
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