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    Allow Custom settings to be migrated into a custom theme. · 29a4c45b
    Chong Yidong authored
    * cus-theme.el (custom-theme--migrate-settings): New var.
    (customize-create-theme): Allow editing the `user' theme.
    (custom-theme-add-variable, custom-theme-add-var-1)
    (custom-theme-add-face, custom-theme-add-face-1): Add a checkbox
    to the front of each variable or face widget.
    (custom-theme-write): Save theme settings in the correct order.
    Optionally, remove saved settings from user customizations.
    (custom-theme-write-variables, custom-theme-write-faces): Saved
    only the checked widgets.
    (customize-themes): Add a link for migrating custom settings.
    * custom.el (custom-declare-theme, provide-theme): Use
    (custom-theme-name-valid-p): Remove checks that are now
    unnecessary since themes no longer obey load-path.
    * cus-edit.el (custom-variable-value-create): For the simple
    style, hide documentation string when hidden.
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