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    * paths.el (abbrev-file-name): Move to abbrev.el. · 2aa0e5bf
    Stefan Monnier authored
    * abbrev.el (abbrev-file-name): Move from paths.el.
    Obey user-emacs-directory.
    * calc/calc.el (calc-settings-file): Don't autoload and instead obey
    * dos-fns.el (dos-reevaluate-defcustoms): Don't reevaluate
    abbrev-file-name and calc-settings-file any more.
    * startup.el (command-line): Recompute abbrev-file-name and
    (normal-no-mouse-startup-screen): Improve the generic code and get rid
    of the special code for when C-h bindings haven't been changed.
    (display-startup-echo-area-message): Use with-current-buffer.
    (command-line-1): Use a list of strings, rather than a list of lists
    of strings for longopts.
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