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    (Setting up a customization file): Grammar fix. · 2e17e05e
    Glenn Morris authored
    Customize is no longer "new".
    (Displaying the current line or column): Line-number mode is on by
    default.  Don't mention `column' package.  Mention linum.el.
    (Turning on abbrevs by default): Explain how to do it for buffers,
    modes, and everywhere.
    (Associating modes with files): Use add-to-list.  Don't mention Emacs 19.
    (Highlighting a region): On by default since 23.1.
    (Replacing highlighted text): Update doc quote.
    (Working with unprintable characters): Don't mention search-quote-char.
    (Using an already running Emacs process): Gnuclient is probably not an
    enhancement these days.
    (Indenting switch statements): Remove mention of pre-Emacs 20.
    (Horizontal scrolling): Abbreviate Emacs 20 description.
    (Replacing text across multiple files): Fix name of dired command.
    (Disabling backups): Use require not load.
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