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    (gdba, gdb-assembler-mode): Call the mode "Machine" as · 44e902c1
    Nick Roberts authored
    a mode called "Assembler" already exists.
    (gdb-use-colon-colon-notation, gdb-show-changed-values): New
    (gud-watch): Use format option. Remove font properties from
    (gdb-var-create-handler, gdb-var-list-children-handler): Don't
    bother about properties as there are none.
    (gdb-var-create-handler, gdb-var-list-children-handler)
    (gdb-var-update-handler): Call gdb-var-evaluate-expression-handler
    with two arguments.
    (gdb-var-evaluate-expression-handler, gdb-post-prompt): Let
    speedbar show value changes with a different font.
    (gdb-edit-value): New defun.
    (gdb-clear-partial-output, gdb-clear-inferior-io)
    (def-gdb-auto-update-handler): Use erase-buffer.
    (gdb-frame-handler): Display watch expressions in
    FUNCTION::VARIABLE format if required.
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