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    2001-09-04 Andrew Choi <akochoi@cse.cuhk.edu.hk> · 2f64cf3a
    Andrew Choi authored
    	* src/macterm.c (mac_to_x_fontname): Return name with
    	jisx0201.1976-0 encoding if a script code of -smJapanese is specified.
    	(x_font_name_to_mac_font_name): Also recognize the jisx0201.1976-0
    	(init_font_name_table): Use a script code of -smJapanese instead
    	of smRoman for the second entry of a Japanese font.
    	(XLoadQueryFont): Recognize a font as having the smRoman script
    	code if its encoding is jisx0201.1976-0.
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