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    Todo mode bug fixes and new features. · 2f99433b
    Stephen Berman authored
    * calendar/todo-mode.el: Bug fixes and new features.
    (todo-toggle-item-highlighting): Use eval-and-compile instead of
    (todo-move-category): Allow choosing a non-existing todo file to
    move the category to, and create that file.
    (todo-default-priority): New user option.
    (todo-set-item-priority): Use it.
    (todo-desktop-save-buffer, todo-restore-desktop-buffer): New functions.
    (desktop-restore-file-buffer): Declare.
    (desktop-buffer-mode-handlers): Add todo-restore-desktop-buffer.
    (todo-modes-set-2): Locally set desktop-save-buffer to
    (todo-mode, todo-archive-mode, todo-filtered-items-mode)
    (auto-mode-alist): Add autoload cookie.
    Fixes: debbugs:15225
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