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    Revision: miles@gnu.org--gnu-2005/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-151 · 2fd561a9
    Miles Bader authored
    Merge from gnus--rel--5.10
    Patches applied:
     * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2005/gnus--rel--5.10  (patch 34-35)
       - Merge from emacs--cvs-trunk--0
       - Update from CVS
    2005-03-03  Reiner Steib  <Reiner.Steib@gmx.de>
       * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-get-reply-headers, message-followup):
       Mention related variables `message-use-followup-to' and
       `message-use-mail-followup-to', in the information buffer.
       * lisp/gnus/nnweb.el (nnweb-type-definition): Use groups.google.de instead
       of broken groups(-beta).google.com.
    2005-03-03  Reiner Steib  <Reiner.Steib@gmx.de>
       * man/gnus.texi (Slow/Expensive Connection): Don't abbreviate "very".
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