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    Remove BSTRING related code, all platforms define it. · 3085237c
    Dan Nicolaescu authored
    * src/s/usg5-4.h (BSTRING): Remove definition.
    * src/s/template.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/msdos.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/ms-w32.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/hpux10-20.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/gnu-linux.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/darwin.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/cygwin.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/bsd-common.h (BSTRING):
    * src/s/aix4-2.h (BSTRING): Likewise.
    * src/sysdep.c: Remove code depending on BSTRING not being defined.
    * configure.in: Remove code dealing with BSTRING.
    * lib-src/ntlib.h: Remove code dealing with BSTRING.
    * nt/config.nt: Remove code depending on BSTRING.
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