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    (RVA_TO_PTR): Redefine to convert RVA to address in · 30d2b1c2
    Andrew Innes authored
    current process.
    (round_to_next): Obsolete function removed.
    (preload_heap_section): New variable.
    (data_region_size): Obsolete variable removed.
    (allocate_heap): Modified to determine end of static heap section
    used during preload, and use that as initial base address for
    dynamic heap instead of hard-coded value.
    (sbrk): Remove call to allocate_heap; handled by init_heap.  Skip
    calls to commit or decommit pages when allocating from static heap
    section during preload.
    (recreate_heap): Obsolete function removed.
    (init_heap): New function to initialize internal sbrk heap
    variables.  Uses static heap section during preload, otherwise
    calls allocate_heap to reserve a heap region dynamically.
    (round_heap): Use ROUND_UP macro instead of round_to_next.
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