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    * mh-comp.el (mh-pgp-support-flag): Move here from mh-utils.el; needed · 30f24016
    Bill Wohler authored
    to help remove dependency on mh-utils.
    * mh-exec.el: New file. Move process support routines here from
    * mh-init.el (mh-utils): Remove require.
    (mh-exec): Add require.
    (mh-profile-component, mh-profile-component-value): Move here from
    * mh-utils.el (mh-pgp-support-flag): Move to mh-comp.el to reduce
    dependencies on mh-utils.el.
    (mh-profile-component, mh-profile-component-value): Move to mh-init.el
    since that's the only place that uses them. (Other than mh-alias.el;
    I'm thinking that mh-find-path can set variable from the Aliasfile
    component like it does the other components).
    (mh-index-max-cmdline-args, mh-xargs, mh-quote-for-shell)
    (mh-exec-cmd, mh-exec-cmd-error, mh-exec-cmd-daemon)
    (mh-exec-cmd-env-daemon, mh-process-daemon, mh-exec-cmd-quiet)
    (defvar, mh-exec-cmd-output)
    (mh-exec-lib-cmd-output, mh-handle-process-error): Move to new file
    mh-exec.el so that mh-init.el doesn't have to depend on mh-utils.el,
    breaking circular dependency.
    * mh-alias.el: mh-customize.el: mh-e.el: mh-funcs.el: mh-gnus.el:
    * mh-identity.el: mh-inc.el: mh-junk.el: mh-mime.el: mh-print.el:
    * mh-search.el: mh-seq.el: mh-speed.el: Added debugging statements
    (commented out) around requires to help find dependency loops. Will
    remove them when issues are resolved.
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