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    (compute_line_metrics): If first line's physical ascent · 312246d1
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    is larger than its logical ascent, use the physical ascent, and
    make the row taller.  Set row's overlapping_p flag.
    (init_iterator): Reset physical line height info
    after producing special glyphs.
    (display_toolbar_line): Set physical line height info.
    (compute_line_metrics): Ditto.
    (display_line): Ditto.
    (display_string): Ditto.
    (reseat_at_next_visible_line_start): New parameter
    (set_iterator_to_next):  After delivering last char
    from display vector, reseat on next visible line start if
    dpvec_char_len < 0.
    (next_element_from_buffer): Set dpvec_char_len to -1 for
    selective display.
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