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    Further progress making Isearch, Ispell, Replace work with Follow Mode. · 3194f1cc
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    * lisp/follow.el: (follow-mode): Remove references to sit*-for-function, which
    no longer exists.  Add follow-post-command-hook to  three special purpose
    hooks at setup, and remove them at tear down.
    * lisp/isearch.el: (isearch-update): invoke isearch-update-post-hook before
    (isearch-lazy-highlight-new-loop): Restore this function to what it previously
    was, merging the functionality of isearch-lazy-highlight-maybe-new-loop into
    (isearch-lazy-highlight-maybe-new-loop): function removed.
    * lisp/replace.el: (replace-update-post-hook): New hook variable.
    (perform-replace): Add second (nil) argument to looking-back.  Invoke
    replace-update-post-hook before calling replace-highlight.
    * lisp/textmodes/ispell.el: (ispell-update-post-hook): New hook variable.
    (ispell-command-loop): invoke ispell-update-post-hook.  Add GROUP argument to
    call of pos-visible-in-window-p.
    (ispell-display-buffer): Place *Choices* window at the top of the last window
    in a window group.
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