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    Add "union tags" in mpc.el. · 18c812bd
    Stefan Monnier authored
    * mpc.el: Remove backward compatibility code.
    (mpc-browser-tags): Change default.
    (mpc--find-memoize-union-tags): New var.
    (mpc-cmd-flush, mpc-cmd-special-tag-p): New fun.
    (mpc-cmd-find): Handle the case where the playlist does not exist.
    Handle union-tags.
    (mpc-cmd-list): Use mpc-cmd-special-tag-p.  Handle union-tags.
    (mpc-cmd-add): Use mpc-cmd-flush.
    (mpc-tagbrowser-tag-name): New fun.
    (mpc-tagbrowser-buf): Use it.
    (mpc-songs-refresh): Use cond.  Move to point-min as a fallback.
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