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    Removed several more gratuitous autoload cookies. · 32992017
    Noah Friedman authored
    rlogin-initially-track-cwd: Variable deleted.
    rlogin-directory-tracking-mode: New variable and function.
    Default to 'local.
    rlogin-host, rlogin-remote-user: New variables.
    rlogin: Set them appropriately.
    rlogin-mode-map: Copy shell-mode-map fully if not a list
    (in lucid emacs, keymaps are opaque objects).
    rlogin-tab-or-complete: New function.
    Bind C-i to it.
    rlogin-carriage-filter: New function.
    rlogin: Add it to comint-output-filter-functions.
    rlogin-parse-words: New function.
    rlogin: Make buffer name "*rlogin-USER@HOST* if remote user differs from local.
    Simplify initialization of local variables, using rlogin-parse-words.
    Do not call comint-mode directly.
    Doc fixes.
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