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    Use FRAME_X_DISPLAY instead of x_current_display and XDISPLAY. · 334208b7
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (x_make_frame_visible, x_make_frame_invisible):
    Pass a frame ptr to x_sync.
    (x_term_init): Init all the components of dpyinfo.
    (x_display_info_for_display): New function.
    (x_*_mod_mask): Variables deleted.
    (x_x_to_emacs_modifiers, x_emacs_to_x_modifiers):
    New arg dpyinfo; all callers changed.
    Store the masks in that structure.
    (icon_bitmap): Variable deleted.
    (x_bitmap_icon): Use icon_bitmap_id in x_display_info.
    (icon_font_info): Variable deleted.
    (x_term_init): Set up `connection' field.
    Arg is now struct x_display_info *.
    (x_term_init): Return an x_display_info *.
    Store all the data in it, including X atoms and xrdb.
    Put the x_display_info structure on x_display_list.
    Pass name as Lisp_Object.
    (the_x_screen): Variable moved here.
    (syms_of_xterm): Staticpro parts of the_x_screen.
    (windowinfo): Variable deleted.
    (Xatom_*): Variables deleted.
    (x_iconify_frame, XTread_socket): Get atoms from the x_display_info,
    (XTread_socket): Don't update Vmouse_depressed.
    (x_mouse_grabbed): Variable deleted.
    (note_mouse_highlight): Use grabbed field instead.
    (XTmouse_position, XTread_socket): Likewise.
    (x_calc_absolute_position, x_wm_set_size_hint):
    Get screen height, width from the x_display_info structure.
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