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    Replace eshell-defgroup with plain defgroup · 35ff222c
    Glenn Morris authored
    Borrowing a trick from vc-sccs.el, wrap the defgroup in a progn
    so that the whole thing ends up in the generated autoload file,
    * em-alias.el, em-banner.el, em-basic.el, em-cmpl.el, em-dirs.el:
    * em-glob.el, em-hist.el, em-ls.el, em-pred.el, em-prompt.el:
    * em-rebind.el, em-script.el, em-smart.el, em-term.el, em-unix.el:
    * em-xtra.el: Replace eshell-defgroup with (progn (defgroup.
    * eshell.el (eshell-defgroup): Remove alias.
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