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    Remove usage of the GDK_SCALE variable · 36cf0791
    Lars Ingebrigtsen authored
    * src/gtkutil.c (xg_get_gdk_scale): Remove.
    (xg_get_default_scrollbar_width): Pass in a frame to check for
    (xg_frame_set_char_size): Use the API for querying scale
    instead of looking at the GDK_SCALE variable.
    (xg_get_default_scrollbar_width): Ditto.
    (xg_get_default_scrollbar_height): Ditto.
    (xg_update_scrollbar_pos): Ditto.
    * src/xfns.c (x_set_scroll_bar_default_height): Pass in the
    frame to get the width.
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