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    * buffer.c, buffer.h: Use bool for boolean. · 37ef52bb
    Paul Eggert authored
    * buffer.c (reset_buffer_local_variables)
    (buffer_lisp_local_variables, Fset_buffer_modified_p)
    (Frestore_buffer_modified_p, Fset_buffer_multibyte):
    (overlays_at, overlays_in, mouse_face_overlay_overlaps)
    (overlay_touches_p, overlay_strings, Foverlay_put)
    (report_overlay_modification, call_overlay_mod_hooks):
    (mmap_enlarge, mmap_set_vars):
    * buffer.h (buffer_has_overlays, uppercasep, lowercasep):
    Use bool for booleans, instead of int.
    * buffer.c (compact_buffer, mmap_free_1): Return void, not int,
    since the 1-or-0 return value is always ignored anyway.
    * buffer.h (struct buffer_text.inhibit_shrinking): Now bool, not int.
    * buffer.h, lisp.h: Adjust prototypes to match above changes.
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