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    Include "character.h" instead of "charset.h". · 38583a69
    Kenichi Handa authored
    (copy_sub_char_table): Moved to chartab.c.
    (Fcopy_sequence): Call copy_char_table for a char table.
    (concat): Delete codes calling count_multibyte.
    (string_char_to_byte): Adjusted for the new multibyte form.
    (string_byte_to_char): Likewise.
    (internal_equal): Adjusted for the change of char table structure.
    (Fchar_table_subtype, Fchar_table_parent, Fset_char_table_parent,
    Fchar_table_extra_slot, Fset_char_table_extra_slot,
    Fchar_table_range, Fset_char_table_range, Fset_char_table_default,
    char_table_translate, optimize_sub_char_table,
    Foptimize_char_table, map_char_table, Fmap_char_table): Moved to
    (char_table_ref_and_index): Deleted.
    (HASH_KEY, HASH_VALUE): Moved to lisp.h.
    (Fmd5): Call preferred_coding_system instead of accessing
    Vcoding_category_list.  Adjusted for the new code-conversion API.
    (syms_of_fns): Defsubr for char table related functions moved to
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