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    Change `Mac OS 8 or 9' to `Mac OS Classic'. · 385f3fc8
    YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
    (Mac OS): Update feature support status.
    (Mac Input): List supported input scripts.  Remove description
    about `mac-keyboard-text-encoding'.  Mention mouse button
    emulation and related variables.
    (Mac International): Mention Central European and Cyrillic
    support.  Now `keyboard-coding-system' is dynamically changed.
    Add description about coding system for selection.  Add
    description about language environment.
    (Mac Environment Variables): Mention
    `~/.MacOSX/environment.plist'.  Give example of command line
    arguments.  Add Preferences support.
    (Mac Directories): Explicitly state that this node is for Mac OS
    Classic only.
    (Mac Font Specs): Mention specification for scalable fonts.  List
    supported charsets.  Add preferred way of creating fontsets.  Add
    description about `mac-allow-anti-aliasing'.
    (Mac Functions): Add descriptions about `mac-set-file-creator',
    `mac-get-file-creator', `mac-set-file-type', `mac-get-file-type',
    and `mac-get-preference'.
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