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    All fsets changed to defaliases. · 38ebcf29
    Eric S. Raymond authored
    (kill-forward-chars, kill-backward-chars): Deleted.  These were
    internal subroutines used by delete-char and delete-backward-char
    before those functions were moved into the C kernel.  Now nothing uses
    (kill-line): Added kill-whole-line variable.  Defaults to nil; a
    non-nil value causes a kill-line at the beginning of a line to kill
    the newline as well as the line.  I find it very convenient.  Emulates
    Unipress' &kill-lines-magic variable.
    (next-line): Added next-line-add-newlines variable.  If nil, next-line will not
    insert newlines when invoked at the end of a buffer.  This obviates three LCD
    (left-arrow, right-arrow): New functions.  These do backward-char and
    forward-char first. If line truncation is on, they then scroll left or
    right as necessary to make sure point is visible.
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