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    Use *font for Xft font names for Lucid menus and dialogs. · 3928f2b6
    Jan Djärv authored
    * doc/emacs/xresources.texi (X Resources): Remove *faceName and replace it with
    *font for Lucid.
    * lwlib/lwlib-Xaw.c (make_dialog): Use *font even for Xft fonts.  Try
    XLoadQueryFont first and then Xft fonts.
    * lwlib/xlwmenu.c (xlwmenu_default_font): Remove, does not work for
    (xlwMenuResources): Remove XtNfaceName and XtNdefaultFace.
    Make XtNFont a String resource.
    (make_windows_if_needed): Call XFlush so later changes are seen by the
    X server.
    (remap_menubar): Use XtMoveWidget and then
    XtResizeWidget/XtResizeWindow after XtPopup.  Works better with
    (make_drawing_gcs): Check if mw->menu.font is set.
    (getDefaultXftFont): New function.
    (openXftFont): faceName is now fontName.  Try XLoadQueryFont first
    and then XftFontOpenName.
    (XlwMenuInitialize): Initialize mw->menu.font with XLoadQueryFont.
    (XlwMenuClassInitialize): Remove initialization of
    (fontname_changed): Renamed from facename_changed.
    (XlwMenuSetValues): Use facename_changed.
    * lwlib/xlwmenu.h: Remove Xt[CN]faceName and Xt[NC]defaultFace.
    * lwlib/xlwmenuP.h (_XlwMenu_part): Remove faceName.  Add fontName.
    * src/xmenu.c (apply_systemfont_to_dialog): Apply to *dialog.font.
    (apply_systemfont_to_menu): Set resources *menubar*font and
    *popup*font.  Remove defflt.
    (set_frame_menubar, create_and_show_popup_menu): Call
    apply_systemfont_to_menu before lw_create_widget.
    * src/xrdb.c (x_load_resources): For LUCID and XFT, don't put a
    resource that specifies helvetica for menus and dialogs.
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