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    * charset.c: Integer overflow fixes. · 3c7649c1
    Paul Eggert authored
    Don't rely on undefined behavior with signed left shift overflow.
    Don't assume unsigned int fits into fixnum, or that fixnum fits
    into unsigned int.  Don't require max_code to be a valid fixnum;
    that's not true for gb10830 4-byte on a 32-bit host.  Allow
    invalid_code to be a cons, for the same reason.  Require code_offset
    to be a character.  Avoid int overflow if max_char is close
    to INT_MAX.
    (CODE_POINT_TO_INDEX): On 32-bit hosts, return int, not unsigned;
    this is intended anyway and avoids some undefined behavior.
    (load_charset_map): Pass unsigned, not int, as 2nd arg of
    INDEX_TO_CODE_POINT, as that's what it expects.
    (Funify_charset, encode_char): Don't stuff unsigned vals into int vars.
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