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    Install David Mackenzie's patches to make ${srcdir} work. · 3ce7a076
    Jim Blandy authored
    	* Makefile.in (srcdir, VPATH): Get this value from the top-level
    	(xmakefile): Use ${srcdir} to find the files from which we produce
    	xmakefile.  Edit the values for srcdir and VPATH into xmakefile.
    	* ymakefile (srcdir, VPATH): New definitions for the Makefile
    	to edit.
    	(ALL_CFLAGS): Remove `-Is' and `-Im'; add `-I${srcdir}', and
    	(emacs): Adjust dumping commands to deal with a separate source
    	(${etc}DOC): Pass `-d ${srcdir}' to make-docfile, to tell it where
    	to find the source files.
    	(prefix-args): Find the source code in ${srcdir}.
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