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    * keyboard.c (Fexecute_mouse_event): dyked-out function deleted. · 3e51c7b7
    Jim Blandy authored
    	We're not going to use this mouse interface.
    	(Vmouse_window, Vmouse_event, Vmouse_event_function,
    	Vmouse_left_hook, Vmap_frame_hook, Vunmap_frame_hook,
    	Vmouse_motion_handler): Variables deleted; they were to be used by
    	(syms_of_keyboard): Same.
    	(command_loop_1): Remove dyked-out code to support
    	(read_char): Same.
    	* keyboard.c (Vlast_event_frame): Don't define this window if
    	MULTI_FRAME is not #defined.
    	(syms_of_keyboard): Same.
    	(kbd_buffer_store_event): Don't try to work with Vlast_event_frame
    	if MULTI_FRAME is not #defined.
    	(kbd_buffer_get_event): Same.
    	* keyboard.c (Fdiscard_input): Removed dyked-out code from when
    	unread_command_char's quiescent value was -1, not nil.
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