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    * ada-mode.texi, autotype.texi, cc-mode.texi, cl.texi: · 3eb38c03
    Chong Yidong authored
    * dired-x.texi, ebrowse.texi, ediff.texi:
    * emacs-mime.texi, erc.texi, eshell.texi:
    * eudc.texi, flymake.texi, forms.texi, gnus.texi:
    * idlwave.texi, message.texi, newsticker.texi, org.texi:
    * pcl-cvs.texi, pgg.texi, rcirc.texi, reftex.texi, sc.texi:
    * ses.texi, sieve.texi, smtpmail.texi, speedbar.texi:
    * tramp.texi, url.texi, vip.texi, viper.texi, widget.texi:
    * woman.texi: Include GFDL.
    * doclicense.texi: Remove node heading, so that it can be included by
    other files.
    * emacs.texi: Insert node heading for GFDL.
    * dired-x.texi: Relicence under GFDL.
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