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    (emacs-lisp-file-regexp): Doc fix. · 3f12e5bd
    Glenn Morris authored
    (byte-compile-dest-file-function): New option.
    (byte-compile-dest-file): Doc fix.  Obey byte-compile-dest-file-function.
    (byte-compile-cl-file-p): New function.
    (byte-compile-eval): Only suppress noruntime warnings about cl functions
    if the cl-functions warning is enabled.  Use byte-compile-cl-file-p.
    (byte-compile-eval): Check for non-nil byte-compile-cl-functions rather
    than for file being previously loaded.
    (byte-compile-find-cl-functions): Use byte-compile-cl-file-p.
    (byte-compile-file-form-require): Handle the case where requiring a file
    indirectly causes CL to be loaded.
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