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    Merge CEDET upstream. · 3f2a848d
    David Engster authored
    * emacs-lisp/eieio.el (eieio-update-lisp-imenu-expression):
    Removed.  This feature is already integrated in imenu.
    * emacs-lisp/eieio-opt.el: Remove require for `button' since it is
    always loaded.  Require `speedbar' unconditionally.
    * semantic/analyze.el (semantic-analyze-dereference-alias): New
    function to dereference aliases.
    (semantic-analyze-current-context-default): Use it.
    * semantic/grammar.el (semantic-grammar-create-package):
    * srecode/compile.el (srecode-compile-templates): Throw a proper
    error if semantic-mode is not enabled (bug#9968).
    Compiler warning fixes:
    * semantic.el (semantic-elapsed-time): Make it a defsubst.
    * srecode/dictionary.el (srecode-adebug-dictionary): Remove
    require for `semantic'.
    * srecode/map.el:
    * srecode/insert.el: Declare functions from `data-debug'.
    * semantic/grammar.el: Require `help-fns'.  Declare functions from
    `eldoc', which is required in function body.
    * srecode/java.el:
    * semantic/texi.el:
    * semantic/grammar-wy.el:
    * semantic/db-file.el:
    * semantic/db-el.el:
    * semantic/chart.el: Fix requires.
    * ede/locate.el: Remove useless requires. Declare functions
    instead and require in functions when needed.
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