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    Port the font backend from the Mac port. · 3fa2054e
    Jan Djärv authored
    * configure.ac: Add check for OSX 10.5, required for macfont.o.
    * etc/NEWS: Mention the macfont backend.
    * src/Makefile.in (NS_OBJ, SOME_MACHINE_OBJECTS): Add macfont.o.
    * src/font.c (syms_of_font): Call syms_of_macfont.
    * src/font.h: Declare syms_of_macfont.
    * src/nsfns.m: Include macfont.h.
    (Fx_create_frame): Register macfont driver, make a better default font.
    (Fns_popup_font_panel): Get font from macfont driver, if used.
    * src/nsfont.m (ns_tmp_flags, ns_tmp_font): Remove.
    (nsfont_open): Set font driver type.
    Set font->ascent and font->descent.  Figure out font instead of
    ns_tmp_font, and flags instead of ns_tmp_flags.
    Fix indentation. Remove call to ns_draw_text_decoration,
    moved to nsterm.
    * src/nsterm.m: Include macfont.h.
    (ns_tmp_flags, ns_tmp_font): Remove.
    (ns_compute_glyph_string_overhangs): Check for driver Qns.
    (ns_draw_glyph_string): Use local variables instead of ns_tmp_flags,
    ns_tmp_font.  Call ns_draw_text_decoration here instead of nsfont.m.
    (changeFont:): Fix code style.  Check for font driver type when
    getiing font.
    * src/nsterm.h (FONT_DESCENT, FONT_ASCENT): Define to (f)->ascent and
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