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    (hl-line-range-function, hl-line-face): Declare variables to avoid bytecomp warnings. · 3fc29559
    Masatake YAMATO authored
    (hexl-mode-old-ruler-function): New variable.
    (hexl-follow-line): Bind `hexl-mode-old-hl-line-range-function'	and `hl-line-range-function' after `require' hl-line.
    Then bind `hl-line-range-function' and `hl-line-face'.
    Don't require frame. Don't use `with-no-warnings'.
    (hexl-activate-ruler): Store the original value of `ruler-mode-ruler-function' to `hexl-mode-old-ruler-function'.
    (hexl-mode-exit): Restore the original value of `ruler-mode-ruler-function'.
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