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    Remove dmpstruct.h · 44a39e3e
    Paul Eggert authored
    The hassles of updating the dmpstruct.h-using code bit me again.
    These updates are more trouble than they’re worth.  See:
    As I’m the main person who’s made changes in this area since
    dmpstruct.h was introduced, I’m the most motivated to clean up
    the situation.
    * make-dist (possibly_non_vc_files): Remove src/dmpstruct.h.
    * src/Makefile.in (dmpstruct_headers, dmpstruct.h): Remove.
    (pdumper.o): Do not depend on dmpstruct.h.
    (mostlyclean): Do not remove dmpstruct.h.
    * src/dmpstruct.awk: Remove.
    * src/pdumper.c: Do not include dmpstruct.h.
    (CHECK_STRUCTS): Remove.  All uses removed.
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