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    * mh-compat.el (mh-image-load-path-for-library): Incorporate changes · 44e3f440
    Bill Wohler authored
    from image-load-path-for-library, which are:
    (image-load-path-for-library): Pass value of path rather than symbol.
    Always return list of directories. Guarantee that image directory
    comes first.
    * mh-e.el (image-load-path): Define on those Emacsen that lack it to
    avoid compile and run-time errors.
    * mh-folder.el (mh-folder-mode): Use new idiom for setting
    * mh-letter.el (mh-letter-mode): Ditto.
    * mh-utils.el (mh-logo-display): Ditto.
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