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    lisp/frameset.el: Separate frame reusing from cleaning up. · 4538c058
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-restore-forces-onscreen)
      (desktop-restore-reuses-frames): Use non-keyword values.
      (desktop-restore-frameset): Use CLEANUP-FRAMES arg of frameset-restore.
    * lisp/frameset.el: Separate options for reusing frames and cleaning up.
      (frameset--reuse-list): Remove definition; declare.
      (frameset--action-map): Declare.
      (frameset--find-frame-if): Doc fix.
      (frameset--restore-frame): Cache frame action.
      (frameset-restore): New keyword arg CLEANUP-FRAMES, allows to select
      how to clean up the frame list after restoring.  Remove cleaning
      options from REUSE-FRAMES.  Change all keyword values to symbols.
      (frameset--jump-to-register): Simplify by using CLEANUP-FRAMES.
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