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    calc.texi (Simplification modes): Mention "basic" simplification. · 8e7046c3
    Jay Belanger authored
    (The Calc Mode Line): Mention the mode line display for Basic
    simplification mode.
    (Simplify Formulas): Refer to 'algebraic' rather than 'default'
    (Basic Simplifications): Rename from "Limited Simplifications"
    Replace "limited" by "basic" throughout.
    (Algebraic Simplifications):  Indicate that the algebraic
    simplifications are done by default.
    (Unsafe Simplifications):  Mention `m E'.
    (Simplification of Units): Mention `m U'.
    (Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions, Reducing and Mapping,
    Kinds of Declarations, Functions for Declarations):  Mention
    "algebraic simplifications" instead of `a s'.
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