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    Use "ASET (a, i, v)" rather than "AREF (a, i) = v". · 4939150c
    Paul Eggert authored
    This how ASET and AREF are supposed to work, and makes
    it easier to think about future improvements.  See
    * charset.h (set_charset_attr): New function.
    All lvalue-style uses of CHARSET_DECODER etc. changed to use it.
    * lisp.h (ASET): Rewrite so as not to use AREF in an lvalue style.
    (aref_addr): New function.  All uses of &AREF(...) changed.
    (set_hash_key, set_hash_value, set_hash_next, set_hash_hash)
    (set_hash_index): New functions.  All lvalue-style uses of
    HASH_KEY etc. changed.
    * keyboard.c (set_prop): New function.  All lvalue-style uses
    of PROP changed.
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