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    (winner-boring-buffers, winner-set): A window which · 4a81d892
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    displays a buffer whose name is in the list `winner-boring-buffers'
    will no longer be restored by `winner-undo'.
    (winner-sorted-window-list): Used to improve comparison between
    window configurations.
    (winner-win-data): Simplified and moved.
    (winner-conf): Simplified (now uses `winner-win-data').
    (winner-change-fun, winner-save-old-configurations)
    (winner-save-(un)conditionally, winner-redo): Changes made while in
    the minibuffer will be ignored.  (Such changes are undone upon
    exit for the minibuffer, anyway.)
    (winner-set-conf): Preserve selected window whenever possible.
    (winner-make-point-alist): Simplified.
    (winner-mode, winner-save-unconditionally): Save current window
    configuration on entering minibuffer.
    (minor-mode-alist): Don't add winner-mode to `minor-mode-alist',
    since it does not change the overall behavior of Emacs.
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