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    * emacs.c (SEPCHAR): Instead of defining this to be ',' on VMS and · 4b163808
    Jim Blandy authored
    	':' elsewhere, just have it default to ':' if not #defined, and
    	#define it to be ',' in s/vms.h; OS/2 will need it to be ';'.
    	* s/vms.h (SEPCHAR): #define this to be ','.
    	* s/template.h (SEPCHAR): Mention this.
    	Changes for Emacs 19 from Thorsten Ohl <ohl@chico.harvard.edu>:
    	* s/mach2.h: copied from the Emacs 18.59 distribution.
    	Don't define NO_REMAP, define START_FILES as
    	`pre-crt0.o' instead.  Define LIB_MATH as `-lm', to override the
    	default `-lm -lc' (there is no libc on the NeXT).
    	* ymakefile (STARTFILES): Allow config.h to set this value even if
    	ORDINARY_LINK is defined.
    	* unexnext.c: Fix subdirectories for the machine dependent include
    	files for NeXTStep 3.0; #include <mach/mach.h> and
    	<mach-o/loader.h> instead of <mach.h> and <sys/loader.h>.
    	(getsectbyname): Remove prototype for this; the system #include
    	files take care of that.
    	(malloc_cookie): New variable.
    	(unexec_doit): Set malloc_cookie to the result returned by
    	* emacs.c (main): Declare malloc_cookie to be extern, so that we can
    	get the value set when we dumped and pass it to malloc_jumpstart.
    	* systime.h: The NeXT has a timezone function.
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