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    Simplify and avoid signal-handling races. · 4d7e6e51
    Paul Eggert authored
    * nt/inc/ms-w32.h (emacs_raise): New macro.
    * src/alloc.c (die):
    * src/sysdep.c (emacs_abort) [HAVE_NTGUI]:
    Avoid recursive loop if there's a fatal error in the function itself.
    * src/atimer.c (pending_atimers):
    * src/blockinput.h: Don't include "atimer.h"; no longer needed.
    (interrupt_input_pending): Remove.  All uses removed.
    pending_signals now counts both atimers and ordinary interrupts.
    This is less racy than having three separate pending-signal flags.
    (block_input, unblock_input, totally_unblock_input, unblock_input_to)
    Rename from their upper-case counterparts BLOCK_INPUT,
    INPUT_BLOCKED_P, and turn into functions.  All uses changed.
    This makes it easier to access volatile variables more accurately.
    (BLOCK_INPUT_RESIGNAL): Remove.  All uses replaced by unblock_input ().
    (input_blocked_p): Prefer this to 'interrupt_input_blocked', as
    that's more reliable if the code is buggy and sets
    interrupt_input_blocked to a negative value.  All uses changed.
    * src/atimer.c (deliver_alarm_signal):
    Remove.  No need to deliver this to the parent; any thread can
    handle this signal now.  All uses replaced by underlying handler.
    * src/atimer.c (turn_on_atimers):
    * src/dispnew.c (handle_window_change_signal):
    * src/emacs.c (handle_danger_signal):
    * src/keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event):
    Don't reestablish signal handler; not needed with sigaction.
    Rework to avoid unnecessary accesses to volatile variables.
    (UNBLOCK_INPUT_TO): Now a function.
    (totally_unblock_input, unblock_input): New decls.
    * src/data.c (handle_arith_signal, deliver_arith_signal): Move to sysdep.c
    (init_data): Remove.  Necessary stuff now done in init_signal.
    * src/emacs.c, src/xdisp.c: Include "atimer.h", since we invoke atimer functions.
    * src/emacs.c (handle_fatal_signal, deliver_fatal_signal): Move to sysdep.c.
    (fatal_error_code): Remove; no longer needed.
    (terminate_due_to_signal): Rename from fatal_error_backtrace, since
    it doesn't always backtrace.  All uses changed.  No need to reset
    signal to default, since sigaction and/or die does that for us now.
    Use emacs_raise (FOO), not kill (getpid (), FOO).
    (main): Check more-accurately whether we're dumping.
    Move fatal-error setup to sysdep.c
    * src/floatfns.c: Do not include "syssignal.h"; no longer needed.
    * src/gtkutil.c (xg_get_file_name, xg_get_font):
    Remove no-longer-needed signal-mask manipulation.
    * src/keyboard.c, src/process.c (POLL_FOR_INPUT):
    Don't depend on USE_ASYNC_EVENTS, a symbol that is never defined.
    * src/keyboard.c (read_avail_input): Remove.
    All uses replaced by gobble_input.
    (Ftop_level): Use TOTALLY_UNBLOCK_INPUT rather than open code.
    (kbd_buffer_store_event_hold, gobble_input):
    (record_asynch_buffer_change) [USABLE_SIGIO]:
    No need to mess with signal mask.
    (gobble_input): If blocking input and there are terminals, simply
    set pending_signals to 1 and return.  All hooks changed to not
    worry about whether input is blocked.
    (process_pending_signals): Clear pending_signals before processing
    them, in case a signal comes in while we're processing.
    By convention callers now test pending_signals before calling us.
    (UNBLOCK_INPUT_TO, unblock_input, totally_unblock_input):
    New functions, to support changes to blockinput.h.
    (handle_input_available_signal): Now extern.
    (reinvoke_input_signal): Remove.  All uses replaced by
    (quit_count): Now volatile, since a signal handler uses it.
    (handle_interrupt): Now takes bool IN_SIGNAL_HANDLER as arg.  All
    callers changed.  Block SIGINT only if not already blocked.
    Clear sigmask reliably, even if Fsignal returns, which it can.
    Omit unnecessary accesses to volatile var.
    (quit_throw_to_read_char): No need to restore sigmask.
    * src/keyboard.c (gobble_input, handle_user_signal):
    * src/process.c (wait_reading_process_output):
    Call signal-handling code rather than killing ourselves.
    * src/lisp.h: Include <float.h>, for...
    (IEEE_FLOATING_POINT): New macro, moved here to avoid duplication.
    (pending_signals): Now volatile.
    (syms_of_data): Now const if IEEE floating point.
    (handle_input_available_signal) [USABLE_SIGIO]:
    (terminate_due_to_signal, record_child_status_change): New decls.
    * src/process.c (create_process): Avoid disaster if memory is exhausted
    while we're processing a vfork, by tightening the critical section
    around the vfork.
    (send_process_frame, process_sent_to, handle_pipe_signal)
    (deliver_pipe_signal): Remove.  No longer needed, as Emacs now
    ignores SIGPIPE.
    (send_process): No need for setjmp/longjmp any more, since the
    SIGPIPE stuff is now gone.  Instead, report an error if errno
    is EPIPE.
    (record_child_status_change): Now extern.  PID and W are now args.
    Return void, not bool.  All callers changed.
    * src/sysdep.c (wait_debugging) [(BSD_SYSTEM || HPUX) && !defined (__GNU__)]:
    Remove.  All uses removed.  This bug should be fixed now in a
    different way.
    (wait_for_termination_1): Use waitpid rather than sigsuspend,
    and record the child status change directly.  This avoids the
    need to futz with the signal mask.
    (process_fatal_action): Move here from emacs.c.
    (emacs_sigaction_flags): New function, containing
    much of what used to be in emacs_sigaction_init.
    (emacs_sigaction_init): Use it.  Block nonfatal system signals that are
    caught by emacs, to make races less likely.
    (deliver_process_signal): Rename from handle_on_main_thread.
    All uses changed.
    (BACKTRACE_LIMIT_MAX): Now at top level.
    (thread_backtrace_buffer, threadback_backtrace_pointers):
    New static vars.
    (deliver_thread_signal, deliver_fatal_thread_signal):
    New functions, for more-accurate delivery of thread-specific signals.
    (handle_fatal_signal, deliver_fatal_signal): Move here from emacs.c.
    (deliver_arith_signal): Handle in this thread, not
    in the main thread, since it's triggered by this thread.
    (maybe_fatal_sig): New function.
    (init_signals): New arg DUMPING so that we can be more accurate
    about whether we're dumping.  Caller changed.
    Treat thread-specific signals differently from process-general signals.
    Block all signals while handling fatal error; that's safer.
    xsignal from SIGFPE only on non-IEEE hosts, treating it as fatal
    on IEEE hosts.
    When batch, ignore SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM if they were already ignored.
    Ignore SIGPIPE unless batch.
    (emacs_backtrace): Output backtrace for the appropriate thread,
    which is not necessarily the main thread.
    * src/syssignal.h: Include <stdbool.h>.
    (emacs_raise): New macro.
    * src/xterm.c (x_connection_signal): Remove; no longer needed
    now that we use sigaction.
    (x_connection_closed): No need to mess with sigmask now.
    (x_initialize): No need to reset SIGPIPE handler here, since
    init_signals does this for us now.
    Fixes: debbugs:12471
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