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    iswitchb-read-buffer: check that iswitchb-exit is not 'usefirst (set · 4dddd07f
    Stephen Eglen authored
    when user presses RETURN to select buffer) before running:
    	;; This happens for example if the buffer was chosen with the mouse.
    	(setq iswitchb-matches (list iswitchb-final-text)))
    iswitchb-exit-minibuffer: set iswitchb-exit to 'usefirst.
    These changes were made to fix the following bug reported by Markus
    Rost and John Wiegley:
       (iswitchb-mode 1)
       (get-buffer-create "12")
       (get-buffer-create "1")
    You get prompted in the minibuffer.  Type "1".  The minibuffer shows
     iswitch 1{12,1}
    Hit RET.  You find yourself in buffer "1" instead of "12", as you
    would expect from the documentation.
    This bug was introduced when iswitchb-read-buffer was updated to allow
    user to select items from the *Completions* buffer with the mouse.
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